Tube Tops For Women

      Find the perfect combination of style and comfort in this collection of tube tops for women from Nolabels. When elegant simplicity meets casual versatility, tube tops are perfect for any event. Wear elegance with freedom and confidence from our few but quality picks.

      What Exactly Are Tube Tops, and What Is Their Origin?

      Tube tops are the classic of classics in women's fashion. They are the same strapless, shoulder-baring, and minimal pieces that encircle the bust and encase it smoothly, giving a seamless and perfect contour with the help of a firm round strip of fabric. Tube tops originated in the 1970s, the decade of revolution with respect to fashion attitudes of boldness and liberation. First widely popularized by designer Elie Tahari—who is often credited with inventing the iconic style—tube tops soon came to be identified as a hallmark of youth's defiance and liberty.

      The resurgence of the tube top in the late 1990s and early 2000s marked the time that it transgressed from something that was considered chic to a timeless piece in the wardrobe of any woman. Statistics show that the period from the 1960s is the most popular, with a sharp rise in the 1970s, whereby in some fashion capitals, a rise of over 50% is revealed in the statistics. The resurgence of the tube top was led by celebrities and pop stars alike, who donned it with everything from casual jeans to high-fashion skirts, cementing its status as a versatile and enduring fashion item.

      Explore Our Inclusive Range of Tube Tops for Women

      At NoLabels, we celebrate diversity of all kinds, akin to the range we carry in our tube tops. From the most basic to the most sensational, we have a tube top for each woman out there, one that fits perfectly in the right size and style. Dive into our versatile selections and find your next wardrobe staple today.

      1. Crop Tube Top

      Crop tube tops that are bound to give you a youthful edge and a fun twist to your look just in the right amount of measure—truly quintessential summer-loving favorites. The cropped tops are perfect for those sleek lines of your body and work perfectly when showing a flash of midriff but without needing to compromise on elegance and style. Available in an array of colors and cloth, ranging from soft cotton blends to luxe satins, each piece makes a promise of comfort and duration.

      2. Tube Top with Straps

      Get the best of both worlds with our tube tops that have straps to give a feel of security for those who love to wear a tube top but feel vulnerable. Our collection comes with adjustable and decorative straps to go with your outfit of the day. Whether you're dressing down to be understated or up to make a statement, these tops have you comfortably covered while bringing the style.

      3. Corset Tube Top

      Structured elegance. Our corset-style tops boast a cinched waist and structured top designed to let your curves speak from the built-in boning and form-fitting design. Perfect to create a striking, sophisticated silhouette at any social event.

      4. Denim Tube Top

      Get a sassy play on a timeless fabric when you shop our collection of denim tube tops. This classic piece of clothing offers something timeless, like denim, and something current, adding a bit of flair with the '90s favorite tube top style. A variety of washes and finishes brings diversity to our denim tube tops, so if you're feeling light and breezy or dark and edgy, we've got you covered.

      5. Long Tube Top

      Our long tube tops offer that extra length of coverage yet still keep the classic, easy charm of your standard tube top. Worn alone, these pieces are both versatile and slick, with a form that will keep lines nice and clean. Our long tube tops come in a plethora of colorways and assorted fabrics. Perfect for day-to-night transitioning with comfort and style rolled up into one effortlessness.

      6. Smocked Tube Top

      Our smocked tube tops are an ideal blend of style and comfort. Our smocked tube tops are made out of stretchy, gathered fabric that shapes the body ideally, giving a flattering fit to all. Adding to its design, it features a smocked pattern to add visual appeal and make it wearable throughout the day with great comfort.

      7. Tube Top with Sleeves

      Our tube tops with sleeves add a touch of class to the classic tube top, with the addition of sleeves. From sweet cap sleeves to bold long sleeves, the sleeves in these unique pieces offer just the coverage you desire. Great for those cooler nights or when a little extra is needed.

      8. Leather Tube Top

      Make a statement with our leather tube tops. Fashioned out of the best leather material and premium quality, our range of leather tube tops gives an edgy and luxurious look, perfect for making a night out or event special. A modern take on the classic and timeless tube top, this slinky designed piece made of luxurious material brings this design to any ensemble.

      9. Floral Tube Top

      Add some color to your closet with our floral tube tops. These vibrant, ethereal blouses, done in a mix of florals from whisper-soft to boldly blooming, are for literally any season. It has lightweight fabric that offers the soft and smooth feeling needed on the warmest of days, complemented by prints giving off a romantic and feminine touch.

      10. Lace Tube Top

      For that touch of class and love, our lace tube tops are it. These tops, beautifully designed with quality lace material, give a very soft and classic look for day and evening wear. Available in classic colors of black and white, alongside soft pastel hues, the tops can also be worn in a prim form with a skirt and heels or in a casual form with jeans to still look modish.

      11. Off the Shoulder Tube Top

      Our off-the-shoulder tops pull together the alluring appeal of a Bardot neckline with the ease of a tube top. This top is so feminine and sexy, perfect to show off the collarbones and the shoulders. With such a variety of materials and colors available, every woman can certainly find something to add a bit of posh fun to her wardrobe.

      12. Printed Tube Top

      Welcome to pattern paradise with our Printed Tube Tops. No matter if your taste inclines towards geometrical shapes or abstract designs or if you are a fan of playful motifs, our collection will definitely have something to catch your eye. Make a splash into the patterns with our printed tube tops. Our collection has something that will catch your eye, whether you are attracted to geometric shapes, abstract designs, or playful motifs.

      Why Choose Nolabels for Your Tube Top Collection

      Revitalize your closet with chic and stylish tube tops from Nolabels. We stand out among the rest, for we are the abode of fashionistas who are dedicated to quality, style, and customer satisfaction. So, here's why you should choose Nolabels for your next purchase of tube tops:

      • Unmatched Quality: Every tube top in our collection is made of valuable materials that assure durability and comfort. Our stringent quality control strongly assures this.
      • Trendsetting Styles: We at Nolabels never get left behind. Keep your fashion fresher than fresh with our range of cutting-edge styles—from classic cuts to modern designs.
      • Inclusivity: We believe that fashion is for all. Our all-size-inclusive range and designs come with options for all body types to serve everybody, further promoting body positivity and ensuring every customer finds the one they feel best in.
      • Excellent Customer Service: Our customer service team is here for you to make sure your shopping experience with us is smooth and rewarding. From styling advice to order support, we are literally at your service every step of the way.


      Q: What sizes are available in your tube top collection?

      A: Our tube tops are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. We aim to cater to all body types, ensuring everyone can find their perfect fit.

      Q: How do I care for my tube top to ensure it lasts?

      A: We recommend washing your tube top in cold water with similar colors and hanging it to dry. Avoid using bleach and iron on low heat if necessary.

      Q: Can I return a tube top if it doesn’t fit?

      A: Yes, we accept returns within 4 days of delivery, provided the item is unworn, unwashed, and still has its tags attached.

      Q: Do you offer international shipping for tube tops?

      A: Yes, we ship internationally, so you can enjoy our tube tops no matter where you are located. Shipping times and costs vary depending on the destination. Please contact us for more information.

      Q: How often do you release new tube top designs?

      A: We release new designs seasonally and as part of our regular collection updates. Stay tuned to our website and social media for the latest releases.

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