Long Shirts For Women

      It is your time to glorify the endurance of style with our long shirts for women collection. These were created for people who love to be fashionably expressive every day.

      These women's long shirts are distinguished by the fact that they speak for themselves. Whether you want a neat and casual look or something more formal, our collection can fulfill all your needs.

      Are Long Shirts a Wardrobe Essential? And Why?

      Ladies long shirts are certainly wardrobe must-haves for quite a few reasons, covering both style and functionality concerns. Such versatile designs allow them to have many fashionable looks, and that’s why they become a must-have item for any fashion lover. Whether worn as a dress, paired with leggings, or tucked into jeans, a long shirt can smoothly transition from casual to formal settings and has a bunch of styling choices.

      In addition, long shirts provide a pleasant feel and coverage while still maintaining a stylish and flattering shape. They are appropriate for virtually all physiques and improve assurance and comfort. For individuals seeking realistic sartorial options, long tops can be the best choice due to their adaptability throughout the year.

      Variety of Long Shirts for Women 

      The variety of women’s long shirts includes many styles, and they can be used for different kinds of occasions and personal tastes. Let's take a look at our diverse collection of stylish long shirts for womens:

      1. Long Oversized Shirt

      Thrift comfort and elegance with our long, oversized shirt. This ultra-modern piece wraps loosely around you, creating a flattering shape that fits all. It is intended as statement clothing that will uplift your mood and make you feel empowered. It’s for people who indulge in both fashion and function simultaneously, offering sufficient coverage while still being colorful.

      2. Long Check Shirt

      A womens long checked shirt is highly desirable for its timeless yet trendy aesthetic. Its classic design makes it suitable for all sorts of occasions, whether it is a casual outing or a smart-casual office. Combine it with trousers or denim to add some variety to your outfit. Rock this combo for a casual yet fashionable style. Whether you're going for work or a date with friends, a classic check shirt is definitely a versatile and trendy piece of clothing you can trust.

      3. Denim Long Shirt for Women

      Every woman needs this fashionable and versatile Denim Long Shirt in her wardrobe. With this statement piece, your wardrobe becomes edgy, and you will stand out and be unique. Constructed with strong denim fabric made to last, this womens long denim shirt is both fashionable and designed to withstand frequent wear.

      4. Long Cotton Shirts for Women

      Our cotton long shirts for ladies are the most preferred type of apparel for comfort and versatility. Long cotton shirts are an ultimate blend of comfort and breathability, and thus, they are the best choice for the wearer in every season. These shirts are available in different styles, such as button-downs, tunics, and more flowy or less flowy designs, to cater to a wide range of choices.

      5. Korean Long Shirt for Women

      Korean long shirts are the hottest items in women's fashion today, especially for those who are ready to say a big "Yes!" to statement pieces. These shirts are famous for their unique designs and cuts, which are inspired by the Korean fashion scene. The Oversized silhouette with minimalist design characterizes this classic, which can be matched with slim pants or a skirt to give rise to a sleek look that is stylish.

      6. Long Striped Shirt

      Long striped shirts are fashionable garments that give off confidence and style with their striking pattern. Making it a common selection for everyone who is willing to look a tad bit taller or thinner. The stripes can be either horizontal or vertical, and they create a visual illusion that elongates and flatters the figure of the wearer.

      7. Women's Long Plaid Shirt

      Experience the union of classic look and fresh comfort with our women’s plaid set. With a classic plaid print that never gets old and lengthened for a modern and stylish effect, you can wear this shirt with pretty much anything from casual jeans to smart trousers and, of course, to a skirt. Sewn out of soft and breathable material, this is the ideal top to layer over leggings or tuck into jeans.

      8. Long Formal Shirts for Ladies

      Our long formal shirts are the icon of elegance and professionalism that they encompass. Designed to be both good-looking and functional, these shirts offer more coverage and go perfectly with trousers and skirts alike. These suits are made from quality fabrics that do not wrinkle easily and, therefore, keep you looking neat and tidy all day.

      9. Long Linen Shirt Womens

      Find the ultimate style in summer with our long linen shirt for women. Renowned for its natural lightweight and airy feel, linen is an obvious choice for the hot seasons. This linen shirt not only features breathability but also comes with a longer cut to protect you from the sun while still giving you that nice breeze.

      10. Long Tunic Shirts

      For comfort and various combinations, you can choose our casual and yet fashionable tunic shirts. These are a must-buy for every wardrobe. Tunics extend to this decent length, so they can be worn over leggings or slim-fit trousers. They offer a wide choice of colors and designs. The material is soft and soothing, and you can enjoy the feeling of being caressed by the sea breeze.

      Why Choose Nolabels?

      The NoLabels long shirts showcase our dedication to quality and cutting-edge design. Each shirt is carefully designed for comfort and fashionability and can be customized to suit the changing and diverse needs of women from different walks of life. Every single one of our long shirts is endowed with unique aesthetics so that regardless of the setting, you can appear and be confident.

      We offer various options other than simply long shirts, such as our women's dresses, kaftans, coord sets, shirt dresses, streetwear, winterwear, tops, and accessories. Select NoLabels for a wardrobe that’s on the same level as you in terms of commitment to quality and service.


      Q: Are your long shirts suitable for different body types?

      A: Yes, we have sizes and styles to fit and flatter all body types.

      Q: Can I wear long shirts for both casual and formal occasions?

      A: Absolutely. If you are looking for a single long shirt to cover both casual and formal needs, then go for basic colors like black or white long shirt.

      Q: Do you have long shirts in different sizes?

      A: Yes, we provide a comprehensive size chart for all our long shirts.

      Q: Is international shipping available for long shirts for women?

      A: Yes, we ship globally. Please refer to our shipping policy for details.

      Q: How should I care for my long shirt?

      A: Care instructions vary, so please refer to the specific guidelines on the product page.

      Q: Do you offer tailored fits?

      A: Our shirts come in various fits, but you can tailor them further if needed.