Decoding the Top Fall Fashion Trends 2022-23 - Style guide by Nolabels

Now that summer is fully behind us and the cooler & cozy days of autumn are approaching, it's time to watch out for Fall's top fashion trends! It's time we put our sundresses and ballet flat back in the boxes and take out coats, chunky loafers, and cozy layers. 

And if you're wondering how to upgrade your collection this Fall 2022 (obviously), start by seeing what's popular in street style, Instagram feeds of fashion bloggers, and the new-arrivals section of your favorite brands. It will give you a clear idea of trends that are newly sparked and which are still relevant from the last season. 

Still not sure where to start? Stay right here with us. We've conducted thorough research on the current fashion trends and compiled a list of the top fall fashion trends of 2022.

#1 Rock the Oversized Blazer Trend 

For the longest time, people considered blazers an office-wear staple, and few had the courage to pull off a blazer in casual outings. But over the last few years, oversized blazers have become a full-fledged TREND. And they are the most relevant during the autumn season. It's the most versatile piece of clothing which you can style in so many unique ways. They are light in weight, feel warm to wear, and help you rock a classy look. You can mix and match it with a short skirt or go for a full pantsuit look to give a professional vibe. 

#2 Go Extra With Cropped Blazers 

Want to look sassy while looking professional? Add cropped blazers to your closet. This is a relatively new trend getting popular among fashionistas. The best thing about cropped blazers is that they give that 'extra' vibe without being too much. And you can style this apparel in multiple ways. Speaking of the most popular and go-to option, high-waisted skinny jeans sit perfectly with a cropped blazer. It gives a casual yet sophisticated look. You can also opt for a pair of utility pants and pair them with chunky boots to complete the look. 

#3 Tie-Dye Hoodies Are Back 

Tie-dye is now officially a trend. Plus, what can be more exciting than getting these funky designs on a hoodie? Everybody likes to wear hoodies, whether you're a man or a woman. These are the most comfortable options while keeping your style simple. From trousers, and skinny and baggy jeans, to shorts, you can pair hoodies with almost anything and everything. Hence, they make the best go-to option in the autumn and winter season. Besides, tie-dye hoodies are the best to bring out your inner creative child.  

#4 Feel the Warmth With Knit Midi Dress

A knit midi dress is an allure and elegant piece of clothing that should be a staple in your wardrobe. You can pair this cozy layer with a leather jacket and your go-to sneakers to instantly enhance your look. Or, you can wear a statement trench coat over your dress with sleek over-the-knee boots for an evening dinner with your friends. Just make sure to go for bold colors like black, beige, brown, or red to exhibit a hot and sexy look. 

You can wear a simple neckpiece and a pair of stud earrings to add a pinch of elegance. And that's all you need to draw eyeballs. 

#5 Ace the Look With Statement Trouser Suits

Trouser suits have always been at the top of fall fashion trends. And now that the Fall season is officially here; nothing could be more comfortable and stylish than statement trousers suits. And pantsuits have to be your go-to option to get that empowering working girl vibe. From the 80s-inspired check blazer to an ultra-feminine pantsuit, there are a lot of options when it comes to pants. Just make sure to shop from the best fashion brands so that you can be assured of both quality and comfort.  Look for designs with more relaxed cuts and lighter fabric. 

#6 Set the Vibe With Bright Co-ords 

Co-ord sets were once a popular choice among fashion lovers, but with time, new trends overruled this piece of clothing. But now, it seems the trend is back! When you choose a co-ord set, you don't have to scratch your head as to what to pair and with what. You get a complete outfit, and your job is just to rock it! What stylists love about co-ord sets is their versatility to be paired with different upper and bottom options. Having co-ord sets facilitate you to experiment with your outfits. Maybe you don't like the bottom of your set and want to shuffle it with another piece in your closet. 

#7 Feathers; the Best Party-Ready Outfit 

If you're a true fashion enthusiast who loves to party, you must have feather dresses in your wardrobe. This is the most glamorous option, best for festive and formal occasions. Whether it's your best friend's birthday bash or a fashion event, wearing a feathered outfit can never be a bad option. Besides, when you walk in those hot plumes, nobody will be able to get their eyes off you. Since feather staples are the chicest options, make sure to keep your look bold and enticing with a pair of stunning heels or even long boots. Keep the hairdo neat and clean so that the attention stays on the dress. Wear a bold lip shade, and you're ready to roll, girl! 

The Final Word 

Anybody can learn to be fashionable, but styling is personal. You can have the best outfits designed by your favorite designers and still mess up the whole look with your styling. Thus, nailing fashion trends is an art, dear readers. And now that the season of love and warmth is finally here make sure to pick the right pieces of clothing that you can pair with most of your outfits. 

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned fashion trends and upgrade your wardrobe today. We hope you found the blog helpful. If there's anything you would like to share with us, do let us know in the comment section below.