How To Rock Street Style Fashion This Winter Season?

Street Style Fashion

Fashion as we knew it is over; people wear now exactly what they feel like wearing. – Mary Quant

Fashion today is not about following rules, but about expressing your unique self through your look. It is the only trend you need to follow. 

With this freedom in fashion, even on the coldest days, when the temperature is as low as the latest hits on Spotify, you don't have to compromise on style. This is where cool street style fashion becomes your go-to choice, keeping you warm and trendy

So, if you've ever wondered how those fashion influencers seamlessly blend streetwear with high fashion to effortlessly own the winter season, look no further. They do it with their oversized coats, killer boots, and accessories that could blind you with their shine. You're in the right place.

Grab your coffee, cue your favorite playlist, and let’s embark on this winter-style adventure together.

What is Street Style Fashion? 

Street Style clothing is a casual fashion phenomenon that isn't new. Street Style fashion, one of the many types of fashion styles, has been making waves since the streets of New York and London became real-life runways. It has been on the rise since the end of World War II, from hipsters in the '60s and punk rockers in the '70s to Gen Z and millennials setting trends worldwide today.

It's not just about rocking the latest “haute couture” like you are Beyoncé (although props to Queen Bey), but rather about creating your own fashion anthem that screams 'you.'  It's all about staying warm without compromising style, like remixing your favorite track to make it even better.

And this blog will be the ultimate guide for it. 

Embracing the Winter Street Style Look

It's time to break down how to embrace that modern street fashion idea like a pro. We're talking about turning those chilly days into your own runway. And layering is the name of the game squad. It's like building a fashion sandwich, and winter's your favorite filling. 

Buckle up; it's going to be lit! 🔥

1. Stylish Jackets and Coats 🧥

Imagine you're a DJ about to drop the hottest beat of the year. That's the level of anticipation you should feel when reaching for your winter jacket. It's not just about warmth; it's about making a fashion statement. 

Think bomber jackets, puffer coats, long coats, or even a classic leather jacket for that extra edge. Maybe start with a trench coat and build the whole outfit around it. 

Pro tip: Make your coats and jackets the center point of your outfit.

2. Sweaters and Knits 🧶

Sweaters are like the gifts you get on Christmas – they're the part everyone remembers. Chunky knit sweaters, oversized cardigans, and turtlenecks are your go-tos. Mix and match colors, textures, and sizes for that effortless 'I woke up like this' vibe. Bonus points for layering them over a crisp white shirt for some extra street cred. 

3. Winter Co-ords Sets

Co-ords are the talk of the fashion town. Seeking luxury in street fashion? Well, this is your pit stop. Even though Co-ords are considered the Modern street fashion idea of summer, with the limitless combinations and coolest styling options, they have very well established their place in winter wardrobes as well. 

Ranging from skirts and jackets to trousers and tops, Winter Co-ords can be your one-stop shop for becoming a street-style fashion icon. 

4. Incorporating Denim and Leather: 💥👖🏍️

The dynamic duo that's been slaying the street style scene since forever – denim and leather. Denim Jeans, jackets, overalls, and denim-on-denim are like that friend who's down for anything. Whether you're going for a casual "I woke up like this" vibe or a fierce "rockstar on tour" look, denim's got your back. 

But the real magic is when denim meets leather, it's like a fashion supernova. Ripped denim jeans paired with a sleek leather jacket? You're basically a walking Instagram post that's about to go viral. It's edgy, rebellious, and exactly what street-style fashion is all about.

The Importance of Accessories🧣👒

Accessorizing is the DJ's remix of your outfit. Scarves, beanies, shoes, jewelry, and women's accessories are like the ad-libs in your favorite rap track – they add that extra flair.

  • Go for bold, oversized scarves with funky patterns, and don't be afraid to let your beanie sit just right for that effortless 'cool-girl' look.
  • Sunglasses aren't just for blocking the sun; they're your secret weapon against any fashion emergency. Forget last night's mascara mishap – shades have you covered. 
  • Handbags are what could give designer labels a run for their money. The right street style handbag is like the final boss battle of fashion. Whether it's a crossbody bag or a tote that can carry your whole life (including that lipstick collection), a pretty sling, or a satchel, a perfect handbag is the ultimate flex.
  • Shoes are like the chorus of your favorite bop. They tie the whole outfit together. Sneakers for that casual-cool vibe, ankle boots for a touch of edge, and heels for those nights when you're feeling extra. Your shoe game is the exclamation point at the end of your style statement! As Marilyn Monroe said, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” 
  • Last but not least, Jewelry. It is like the glitter filter on your gram feed, adding that extra sparkle to your look. Layer on the necklaces, stack those bracelets and don't forget statement earrings. Your jewelry game is the finishing touch that turns your outfit into a fashion masterpiece. And remember, our friends from Laatukoru have an exquisite collection that can help you achieve that perfect look.

Pro Tip: Creating Hot Statement Looks!

Now, let's discuss creating outfits that make the world stop and stare. Mixing and matching patterns? It's like an assassination of your wardrobe but in the best way possible. Stripes, checks, florals – throw them all in the fashion blender and see what comes out. 

In street style fashion, there's no such thing as too wild! It's about pushing boundaries and creating your own rules. Patterns are like the emojis of fashion. When done right, they can convey a whole mood. Just ask fashion icons like @GigiHadid or @AimeeSong. They've mastered the art of pattern play by pulling off the top street style fashion brands.

When it comes to street style, your makeup and hair are like your social media profile pics. They've got to make a statement. For makeup, we're talking sharp cat eyes and eyeshadows that pop like your notifications.

As for hair, it's all about those effortless vibes. Go for messy buns or tousled waves that are as cool as the weather outside. 

Street Style Icons for Inspo

Let’s take a stroll through the world of street style clothing and discover the fashionistas who redefine cool on a daily basis. From the edgy urban vibes to the effortlessly chic looks, these street style influencers are like your personal Pinterest boards come to life. 

  1. Stephanie Broek: Fashion journalist from Amsterdam who has worked for Glamour for four whole years; now is a freelance fashion queen. 
  2. Komal Pandey: Based in India, Komal Pandey indeed is a renowned name when it comes to “Gram’s Fashion Queen”. She is the definition of bold in Modern Street style fashion Ideas. 
  3. Amalie Moosgaard Nielsen: Twin sister of Cecilie Moosgaard is a Denmark-based fashion icon. Famous as the “Prada twins,” she has been in the fashion scene since 2015. 
  4. Kritika Khurana: Is a Fashion blogger and Instagram influencer. Holding a degree in Fashion and Design, Kritika is a pattern and prints icon on ‘gram with over 1.8M followers. 
  5. Christie Tyler: She is known for her refined, neutral, and warm tones. She believes that one's personal style should constantly evolve. The same is what you can see on her Instagram handle and YouTube. 


Time to drop the mic on this street style fashion extravaganza. We've covered everything from what street style fashion really is to why it's perfect for winter. Street style fashion isn't just a trend; it's a vibe that's as timeless as your grandma's vintage leather jacket. 

And remember, fam, fashion is all about self-expression. Don't be afraid to experiment, remix your look, and own it like a boss.

FAQs on Street Style Fashion

1. What are some must-have winter accessories for street style fashion?

Accessories can level up your winter street style game. Look for statement beanies, chunky boots, and trendy sunglasses to add that extra flair.

2. How do I avoid looking bulky when layering for winter street style?

Opt for thinner layers underneath your statement pieces. For instance, try a thermal shirt or lightweight sweater as your base, then layer with stylish outerwear.

3. Can I experiment with street style fashion even if I'm new to it?

Of course! Street style fashion is all about self-expression, so don't be afraid to mix and match, try bold patterns, and personalize your look. The streets are your fashion playground!

4. How can I make my winter street style Instagram-worthy?

Lighting is key! Find good natural light for your photos, strike a confident pose, and don't forget to capture those killer details of your outfit. Your followers will thank you.

5. Can I still rock street style fashion if I live in a warmer climate during winter?

Absolutely! Adapt your street style by choosing lighter fabrics, ditching heavy coats for stylish jackets, and incorporating sunglasses and accessories to keep your look on point.