Full Sleeve Dresses for Women

      Style meets luxury in our sprawling variety of full sleeve dresses for women, whether a mesmerizing bodycon dress or an exquisitely finished evening dress.

      We have designed our collection for the modern lady. Our full-sleeve one-piece dress style is sure to add a feather of sophistication to your wardrobe.

      The Rise of Full-Sleeve Dresses: A Trend Revisited

      Next in the list are the full-sleeve dresses because this season, fashion is all about some style that is convertible and transitional equally, making it spruced with a splash of elegance and practicality. This trend builds on the rise of interest in modest fashion, encouraging both cultural and mainstream markets. The sophisticated silhouettes of all the seasons come along with the full-sleeve dresses that reflect a tendency to conservative yet stylish choices.

      Besides, comebacks by vintage and retro features have led to the influence of full-sleeve designs in fashion today. The embroidery or lace details in a designer's full-sleeve dresses make the design a statement piece and reflect an aura of the handcrafting process. Consequently, as sustainable fashion is leading these days, full-sleeve eco-friendly dresses are luring people who are eager to find durable and timeless fashion.

      Variety of full sleeve dresses for ladies

      Get swaddled in glamour with our collection of full-sleeve dresses for ladies, must-have dresses in any lady's wardrobe. Our collection comprises chic bodycon and flowing maxi styles to cater to the design requirements of each and every person according to their needs and style.

      1. Full Sleeve Bodycon Dress

      Perfect for all those formal social events or a chic night out on the town, this full sleeve one piece dress highlights your form while featuring the charm of long sleeves. This will be that versatile dress to add to your collection, a whole host of materials, from stretchy cotton to luxurious velvet. Cut to flatter and provide comfort at the same time. This dress is a key piece in the most current wardrobes. Style it up with some heels and a clutch, or go for a more casual look and style it with some flats.

      2. Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

      Adding to the grace, there is a charm with the full-sleeved long dress, either in a work-appropriate way during the day or on a well-deserved evening. These come in a slew of different styles, from simple, discreet elegance to bold statement prints, all ensuring the appropriateness for absolutely any event. Full sleeves give it a touch of sophistication, and the maxi length ensures a dramatic, sweeping look that catches the eye and sets off an air of elegance.

      3. Full Sleeve Midi Dress

      This knee-length full-sleeve dress carries the perfect balance between an informal and a formal look, easily carried off on almost all occasions. Just below the knee, this full-sleeved short dress is perfect for the office and those weekend-long lunches. The modest full sleeve brings an excellent fusion in style, making the changeover from day to night a breeze.

      4. Full Sleeve Floral Dress

      Get beauty into your life with our full-sleeved floral dresses. Detailed with very delicate floral patterns—from the most subtle pastel colors to the vivid color explosions—apt for all seasons. Long-sleeved and perfect for the cooler days, varied floral designs make a style to please every personal taste, from romantic to bold.

      5. Full Sleeve Party Dresses

      Be a showstopper at the next party with any of these full-sleeve party dresses. Designed to impress with sequin embellishments or solid colors, they are definitely going to make you the main attraction. With the elegant full sleeves adding sophisticated flair, these dresses are perfect for a night when impressions should be left.

      6. Full Sleeve Mini Dresses

      Our full-sleeve mini dresses are perfect for a playful yet young feel. Modern take on the retro look. They come up above the knee for that flirtatious and playful hint. Full sleeves lend a bit of poise to the playful length, so this dress is great for social evenings or a night out.

      7. Puff Full Sleeve Dresses

      The puff full-sleeve dress should create a vintage air in your wardrobe. Voluminous sleeves combined with a fitted bodice—a touch of the retro vogue, but really, for today, pretty modern. The style suits those who like to mix classic fashion with modern trends in order to create their very own look.

      8. Satin Full Sleeve Dresses

      Pearlized our satin full-sleeve dresses with a sprinkle of luxury, covering the sheen; rich, deep colors intersperse with the formal hues to take the reins at sophisticated functions and other gatherings. With the avant-garde design coupled with the glorious fabric, you get an amazing visual appeal, leaving you to look and feel nothing short of a queen.

      9. Full Sleeve Prom Dresses

      Our full-sleeved prom dress collection will help make your prom night unforgettable. These dresses are exquisite creations that will make you feel like a queen with the elegant fabric and beautiful detailing. Full sleeves make these modern sets more classical and redefine perfection for a night full of moments.

      10. Off Shoulder Full Sleeves Dresses

      Off-shoulder dresses with full sleeves bring forth elegance with a subtle touch of allure. Ideal for those who are looking to reveal the shoulder but continue to sustain an elegant profile, this neckline combined with long, flowing sleeves leads to the kind of stylish contrast that is very catchy and in fashion.

      11. Square Neck Full Sleeve Dresses

      The square-neck full-length dresses are designed to bring newness into the classic style. The square neckline on this full-sleeve dress adds a new, fresh look to it. It is perfect for making a statement with jewelry and pairs seamlessly with casual and formal accessories, providing versatility and style in one garment.

      12. Full Sleeve Sequin Dresses

      Full sleeve sequin dresses. Perfect for parties and evenings. With dazzling sequins to catch the light and, more importantly, catch everyone's eyes, this dress is made for your perfect night out. Full sleeves on bright sequins make an apt and splendid choice for any festive occasion.

      13. Full Sleeve Summer Dresses

      Our collection of summer full-sleeve dresses is airy, fresh, and just right for the many hotter days. These dresses come in varied styles and prints that promise comfort with just a touch of style. With long sleeves, the style for an outdoor event or casual day out is guaranteed to be chic and perfectly seasonal.

      14. Full Sleeve Cocktail Dresses

      Cocktail dresses: they say "sparkle," and our dresses do great at the job. These are the kind of cocktail dresses designed with elements that make them shine; they are a whole vibe by themselves without much effort. The full sleeves complement this aspect of the design: a lively piece that would allow you to leave a style statement at a cocktail party.

      Why Choose Full-Sleeve Dresses from Nolabels?

      We at NoLabels give you an out-of-this-world experience," they say. Wearing full-sleeved dresses from NoLabels just opens the door to a world of luxurious fashion. As a fashion leader, our brand innovates by bringing versatility to the many categories of ladies' wear, catering to the needs of modern, empowered women. For us, fashion is not just about looking good; it's about feeling positive about yourself each moment. It's about spreading smiles with your radiant confidence.


      Q: What sizes are available in full sleeve dresses?

      A: Our full sleeve dresses range from XS to XXL, catering to a variety of body types.

      Q: Do you provide international shipping for full sleeve dresses?

      A: Yes, we offer international shipping. Delivery times and costs vary depending on the destination.

      Q: What fabrics are used in your full sleeve dresses?

      A: Our dresses are made from a variety of high-quality fabrics, including cotton, silk, satin, and chiffon.

      Q: What if I receive the wrong color or size?

      A: We offer a hassle-free exchange policy for size-related issues. For detailed information, please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page on our website.

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