Short Dresses For Women

      Short dresses for women are an indispensable part of every wardrobe. They are bold and beautiful, and there are a myriad of styles to suit each taste.

      Be it a casual outing for the day or decked out in glam for an evening on the town, there's a short dress for all occasions. Join us on our tour of the dazzling world of short dresses, each coordinated by fabric preference and occasion.

      Stumble on Your Dreamy Short Dress

      The experience of finding that perfect ladies short dress that makes one feel absolutely fabulous is just brilliant. It is all about the perfect cut for one's body, the style that will fit in personal taste, and above all, it will say something about one's unique personality. When you find just that perfect short dress, it feels like you've found that one piece of clothing that really speaks to you and makes you feel fabulous.

      1. Short Bodycon Dresses

      Show off your curves in one of our short one piece dress—a design created to give a seamless, sexy silhouette with stretch fabrics that do not restrict your figure with any discomfort. Made for the most terrific night out or special occasion, strut out with confidence and style, making the world your runway.

      2. Short Floral Dresses

      Our collection of short floral dresses is a big print redefined and embroidered on lightweight fabrics, making this the perfect wear for a spring and summer outing. All the playfulness of the patterns and fresh colors brings about the beautiful day, blooming wherever you are from chic to naturally beautiful with every fabric flutter capturing the spirit of nature.

      3. Korean Short Dress

      The latest, therefore, is our Korean dresses inspired by trending Korean fashion, blending contemporary with young flair, commonly typical in this great area of the world. Such cute short dresses are commonly made with special details such as ruffles, ties, and asymmetric cuts, which will really be noticed.

      4. Short Flare Dress

      Our short fit and flare dresses will make you feel preppy and fun. The skirt will move with you, swaying every time you twirl around and have a flirty, flattering swing. These dresses, wild with color in versatile prints, are the perfect date night numbers for all casual nights on the town.

      5. Short Kaftan Dress

      Dress up in ultimate comfort and breezy style with the short kaftan dresses, loose-fitting for those hot summer days. Comfort, with a touch of exotic elegance: Be it a beach vacation or a backyard party, our kaftans are the way to stylish cooling. The perfect beach-to-city dressing solution that is equally perfect for lounging or shopping in town.

      6. Short A-Line Dress

      Our short A-line dresses are classic; they work for all silhouettes. The A-line silhouette nips the waist and gently flares down from the hips while giving the figure a very classic, timeless, and feminine look. This versatile silhouette transitions easily from day to night. It is your timeless look in a go-anywhere dress.

      7. Short Satin Dress

      Throw yourself into one of the extremely short satin dresses that we have for a look of slick sophistication. The luxurious, smooth, glossy material makes them perfect for nights out or those special events. The dresses are available in nice colors that are able to reflect the light and make sure you shine wherever you are.

      8. Short Cotton Dress

      Stay perfectly cool and casual this season in these short cotton dresses. Made for any casual wear, this breathable fabric means maximum comfort through the days. These short casual dresses are available in each and every style and pattern you can think of to get that relaxed yet chic look that's totally in and stylish.

      9. Full Sleeve Short Dress

      Hints of mystery and full of intrigue that's what our short, full-sleeve dresses are all about. The perfect piece for in-between weather days or for when a little more coverage is required, these dresses have terribly stylishly packed sleeves to increase the shortness.

      10. Short Cocktail Dresses

      Make that grand entrance to any party in our short cocktail dresses manufactured to hold sway over folks. Our rich fabrics, sequins, beads, and more details will make it hard for you not to draw a look their way. Choose one of these short western dresses and show up to any social gathering with both glam and elegance.

      11. Short Midi Dress

      Our modern approach to the classic midi length is just below the knee. These dresses find the perfect sweet spot between the modest and the playful. Best for those who want a little extra length but still to show off the shoes and a little bit of leg. With a variety of styles to choose from, these dresses meet the needs of every fashion-forward individual.

      12. Short Beach Dresses

      Think airy, light fabrics you can throw over a swimsuit—easy to wear but chic enough for seaside lunch. Our short beach dresses are designed to pull over your bikini with ease, being easy to throw in a beach bag. Embrace the ocean breeze and the sun in these delightful, easy-to-wear pieces.

      13. Short Formal Dresses

      Our short formal dresses are all set to let you go classy and chic in no time at any high-class event. Elevate yourself in these graceful fabrics and fine tailoring, creating a polished look that remains timeless and classic. Ideal for those nights when it's important to be a standout with grace.

      14. Short Summer Dresses

      Keep it cute and cool in our summer dresses for women. Designed in an airy look with flirty cuts, short summer dresses are your most comfortable yet stylish choice for the hot months. Reach from bright prints to cooling solids: find your summer staple and let warm weather come in. Design your dress-to-celebrate-the-season look in sun-drenched-day-designed dresses and perfect-for-breezy-evening walks.

      15. Floral Short Dresses for Women

      Our collection of short floral dresses for women is designed to be enchanting and offers the perfect dress for every casual to semi-formal occasion. Designs in florals are the perfect mix to ensure styles suited to every taste—bold and dramatic to soft and subtle. Let your wardrobe bloom into a lush garden of gorgeous dresses.

      16. Short Puffy Dress

      Get a hair-raising look with our short puffy dresses. Full skirts, fun, and a bit of a fairy-tale appeal make this a go-to look for parties or special events when making an impression that's fun, yet sophisticated. Let your style soar with a voluminous dress that's as fun to wear as it is fabulous.

      17. Short Sequin Dress

      Sparkle in these short sequin dresses; you will shine in these breathtaking garments with all-over sequins that catch and mirror the light beautifully. Let your shimmering look reflect the brilliant soul of each party. Step in with a radiant personality in this dazzling look; slip into an ensemble that would mirror your soul.

      18. Printed Short Dress

      Our printed short dresses are a manifest of patterns and colors: from geometric to abstract splashes of color, these dresses say a lot about the wearer in terms of personality. Get powered up with confidence in our attention-grabbing printed pieces. Turn heads in a dress that's as bold and unique as you are.

      19. Short Flowy Dress

      Be at ease and grace as you step into any room with our short flowy dresses. These dresses are made from lightweight fabrics that gently flow with your body. This attire is what you need to wear when you are supposed to attend any kind of event, official or nonofficial, because it gives you comfort as well as style.

      20. Short Lace Dress

      Our short lace dresses will definitely make you feel romantic and classy. The nice lace details bring out that soft look for evening events or romantic suppers. Experience the allure of lace in these finely designed dresses. Come into the world of elegance with a lace number made to charm.

      21. Short Ruffle Dress

      Our hint of fabulous ruffled short dresses will just do the trick. Tiered ruffles create a textured movement—super-fun and flirty outfits. Vibing the thrill of the ruffle with each step you take is perfect for a night out dancing or that special date. These dresses are sure to turn heads.

      22. Short Puff Sleeve Dress

      Our short puff sleeve dresses put a vintage charm in a modern way. The puff sleeves make quite a dramatic statement on their own, providing the definition to the overall silhouette yet at the same time creating a great contrast to that shorter length. Be bold and beautiful with this retro-inspired trend.

      23. Short Strapless Dress

      Show off your shoulders in our short strapless dresses. Great for summer events or evening parties, these dresses offer chic and sexy appeal. With so many styles in various colors, find the perfect dress for you in order to flaunt your features and show off your look. Luxuriate in minimalistic elegance with a strapless design that is both captivating and contemporary.

      Nolabels: Your Perfect Short Dress Partner

      Nolabels is where your fashion dreams do materialize. We come when short dresses are the concern. Here, you find a perfect mix of designs—setting the latest trend as well as timeless classics—all made with love and detail.


      Q: Are there any care instructions specific to sequin dresses?

      A: Sequin dresses should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned to maintain their sparkle.

      Q: Can I find maternity-friendly mini dresses for women in your collection?

      A: Absolutely! We have a selection of short dresses designed for comfort and style during pregnancy.

      Q: How can I style a short dress for a winter event?

      A: Layer in the tights, a chic coat, and ankle boots for a winter-ready ensemble that stays stylish.

      Q: How do I choose accessories for my short dress without overpowering it?

      A: Pick a few statement pieces that complement the dress's features, such as a belt to accentuate the waist or a simple clutch.

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