Collar Tops For Women

      Explore our collar tops for women collection at NoLabels, which is tailored for the modern woman. Every piece offers not just a flattering fit but a statement of style that stands out no matter the setting.

      Whether you're updating your office look or dressing to impress for a casual get-together, our collar tops are styled to easily elevate your wardrobe.

      The Essential Guide to Collar Styles

      Knowing different types of collars will help you choose just the right top to match your style and occasion. The collar adds sophistication but also helps to define the neck area and the overall look of the outfit. Here is what you need to know about the types of collars in our collection:

      • Peter Pan Collar: Forever unifying any outfit, this round, flat Peter Pan collar style is a timeless classic. It softens structured tops and adds a touch of character to casual looks.
      • Mandarin Collar: A reminiscence of the Far Eastern style, the minimal and modern Mandarin collar with a stand-up and straight style is perfect for a clean silhouette and adding grace to simpler designs.
      • Shirt Collar: A classic style that transitions effortlessly from corporate wear to casual. With pointed, crisp lapels, it gives a flexible edge to any wardrobe.
      • Ruffle Collar: These provide just a touch of drama and femininity; with the ruffle collar, volume and playfulness encourage the possibility of shouting out with one's fashion.
      • Sailor Collar: Sailor Collar has been a timeless design inspired by nautical uniforms with the square back and front V-shape. Bringing a vintage and chic flair into the collection.
      • Turtleneck Collar: The turtleneck is in for chic style; it elongates the neck and provides a slick base for layering.

      Each type of collar will make your outfit spicier and give you a chance to say "I love being an individual" in your own way while still enjoying our knitted top's comfort and quality. Find your perfect match from our collection and make every outfit special.

      Explore the NoLabels Variety of Collared Tops

      Dive into the intermix of style and comfort with our collection of collar neck tops. Every style is uniquely designed to cater to different preferences and occasions. Whether you need something casual or a piece that makes a statement, our collection has you covered.

      1. Mandarin Collar Tops for Women

      Our Mandarin Collared Top or Chinese collar tops epitomize simplicity and elegance. It features a high collar for a sleek, modern look suited for professional environments and executive social events. The clean lines and minimalistic design add a contemporary edge to any outfit. Available in a range of fabrics from breathable cotton to luxurious silk, ensuring comfort and style that lasts all day.

      2. Collared Crop Top

      Embrace fun and flirty vibes with our collar neck crop top. This collection offers a sharp collar with a short hemline, perfect for showcasing your youthful energy. Ideal for pairing with high-waisted jeans or skirts, these crop tops are perfect for a casual day out with friends or a laid-back date. Available in bold prints or solid colors, they bring versatility and style to your everyday outfits.

      3. Peter Pan Collar Top

      Add a touch of girlish charm to your wardrobe with our Peter Pan collar tops. These tops feature a round-edged collar that adds sweet elegance to any look, making them perfect with both skirts and trousers. They're versatile enough for office wear or weekend outings, crafted from lightweight fabrics that are comfortable to wear all day. Choose from pastel colors and playful prints to add fun to your attire.

      4. Stand Collar Top

      Our stand-collar tops are designed for fashion-forward individuals who enjoy a polished look. The collar stands up around the neck, creating a chic and sophisticated appearance. Great for layering under blazers or jackets, these tops offer a refined look. Available in both sleeveless and long-sleeved options, they're adaptable to any season and occasion.

      5. Korean Collar Top

      Inspired by traditional Korean aesthetics, these tops feature a unique collar that blends cultural heritage with contemporary fashion. Often designed with subtle embellishments and made from luxurious fabrics, Korean collar tops are a sophisticated choice for those looking to stand out. The elegant detailing and soft lines make these tops suitable for formal events and casual outings alike, offering a blend of chic elegance and comfort.

      6. Lace Collar Top

      Our lace collar tops add a softer, much more feminine touch to your outfit. The intricate detail of the lace on the collar gives a somewhat old and worn look, yet it still manages to keep the overall design fresh and modern. These tops are perfect for all occasions or for when everyday affairs call for a touch of femininity. From subtle lace trims to fully embellished, our tops are crafted with elegance at heart, allowing you to add a luxurious finish to your ensemble.

      7. Ruffle Collar Top

      For those of you who love to make a statement, our ruffle collar tops are absolutely perfect. With voluminous ruffles around the collar providing dramatic, eye-catching effects, these tops are chic and fun to wear. Made with fluid fabrics, these tops move with you and offer a playful charm that catches the eye. Pair them with simple bottoms to let the collar do all the talking, making it a great choice for days when you feel bold and beautiful.

      Why Choose NoLabels?

      NoLabels transcends ordinary fashion to celebrate each individual's unique personality. Our collections are more than just clothes; they represent independence and creativity. Each piece is designed with the belief that fashion should enable the expression of one's true self, free from conventional labels and expectations.

      At NoLabels, we are committed to delivering outstanding design and comfort. Our collar tops are meticulously crafted to bring you high levels of versatility and sophistication. From crucial meetings to casual outings with friends, our tops adapt to your needs and settings, ensuring you always shine for the right reasons. Wearing NoLabels means making a statement and embracing a lifestyle synonymous with boldness and originality, threaded in every part of our garments.


      Q: What size should I order if I'm between sizes in the size chart?

      A: For the best fit, we recommend sizing up if you prefer a looser, more comfortable fit, and sizing down if you like a more fitted look. Each product page also includes specific measurements and fitting tips to help guide your decision.

      Q: How do I care for my knitted collar tops to ensure they last?

      A: To keep your knitted collar tops in pristine condition, we suggest hand washing them in cold water with a mild detergent. Lay them flat to dry to preserve the shape and integrity of the fabric. Avoid using bleach and do not wring out the tops.

      Q: Can I exchange an item if it doesn’t fit properly?

      A: Absolutely! We offer a hassle-free exchange process for any items that don't fit. Just return the item in its original condition, and we’ll send you the preferred size. Please check our exchange policy for detailed instructions.

      Q: Do you ship internationally?

      A: Yes, we do! NoLabels ships globally. Shipping costs and times vary depending on the destination. Please visit our shipping information page for detailed rates and shipping timelines.

      Q: What materials are used in your collar tops?

      A: Our collar tops are crafted from a variety of high-quality materials including cotton, silk, and synthetic blends. Each product description on our site provides specific details about the materials used.